Medical Receivable Funding

Whether you have a medical receivables portfolio in the tens of millions of dollars or a small portfolio, we pay you a fair price quickly for your account's receivables.

Eliminate Your Collection Risk

Why wait for payment? Often personal injury times cases take years to settle only increasing medical provider’s collection risk.

Reduction request are very common and cases are lost every day.Increase your receivables with Liberty Settlement Funding while you focus on maintaining solid attorney relationships. Who wants to wait years to see IF you will be paid for your services? We purchase your personal injury receivables quickly, removing your inherent collection risk.

Liberty Settlement Funding purchases from outpatient surgical facilities, individual spine surgeons and everything in between eliminating the collection risk.

We pay QUICKLY for your Medical Accounts Receivable. Aging AR can hurt your practice’s cash flow.

Our lien solutions improve your CASH FLOW, while you get a fair payment for your medical liens FAST.

We remove your risk associated with your personal Injury receivables allowing you to take on more personal injury patients.

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Liberty Settlement Funding can help you and your valued clients through the complex litigation life cycle

Even with strong cases, processing a lawsuit takes time. A personal injury litigation can go on for months and sometimes years. In the meantime, you’re still responsible for bills and managing a household, in addition to paying lawyers fees. If your injury prevents you from working, you may also be missing an income during this time. Liberty alleviates this stress by providing clients with quick, easy, and affordable access to non-recourse funding for everyday living expenses.

We fund a wide variety of cases:

• Motor Vehicle Accidents

• Premises Liability

• Work Injuries

• Medical Malpractice

• FELA/Jones Act Cases

• Settled Case Funding

• Product Liability

• General Negligence

• Mass Tort

• Multi-District Litigation

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