Liberty Settlement Funding Launches New Website

Summary: Liberty Settlement Funding is excited to announce the launch of a brand new website for customers in need of cash today.

April 22, 2015

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Liberty Settlement Funding, a leading settlement purchasing company serving customers all across the nation, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new company website. The enhanced site features full screen videos for customers to view in order to learn more about structured settlement funding and annuity funding services. Liberty Settlement Funding also offers access to all information about this specialized funding program through their mobile friendly website. Liberty Settlement Funding is focused on helping people achieve financial freedom and independence.

Visit the website for more information on how to receive a free quote on your annuity or structured settlement. The new website offers premier customer service to those that need information about the best alternatives for quick cash.

A recent customer dealing with unexpected medical expenses stated, “I decided to use Liberty Settlement Funding because they were the only company that I spoke to that actually seemed to care about my needs and what I intended to do with the money.” Liberty Settlement Funding is a great option for anyone facing a sudden financial crisis or time sensitive investment opportunity.

Liberty Settlement Funding offers access to information about structured settlement payment rights. The new website at offers valuable information about how Liberty Settlement Funding professionals take care of the process required in order to get funding. Visit the website today for a free quote along with valuable information about structured settlement & annuity payments.

Liberty Settlement Funding understands that life changes can cause financial needs to change. Selling structured settlement payment rights or annuity payments to Liberty can provide needed cash in one large lump sum. Access to your future structured settlement payments is available in a way that otherwise could take years. Many customers experience a peace of mind and the financial freedom once they receive their money. Customers access this money for a variety of reasons: investments, home improvement, paying off high interest debts, and embarking into a new life. At Liberty Settlement Funding, we turn dreams into reality.