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Sell Structured Settlement & Annuity Payments

At Liberty Settlement Funding, we understand that life changes can cause your financial needs to change. When you sell your structured settlement payment rights or your annuity payments to Liberty, you can get the cash you need in one large lump sum. You can gain access to your money that otherwise could take years for you to receive. Many customers tell us there are no words for the peace of mind and the financial freedom they enjoy once they receive their money. Our customers use their money for a variety of reasons: to buy houses, make home improvements, pay high interest debts, make smart investments and build new lives for themselves. We take great pride in helping our customers turn their dreams into a reality. Contact us today so we can help you determine if selling your annuity payments or structured settlement is the right decision.

Why should I sell my structured settlement or annuity payments?

You may want to sell your future settlement payments for any number of reasons. Sometimes, you simply need a larger sum of money than your monthly structured settlements or annuity payments provide. Perhaps your child is going off to college or you experience an unexpected illness. Maybe you want to buy a home, pay your taxes or start a new business. Regardless of why you want to sell your annuity payments or structured settlement payment rights, we will work with you to build a solid financial plan.

Another reason people sell their long-term payments is to combat the effects of inflation. The purchasing power of money decreases over time. The longer you have to wait to receive your payments that are legally yours, the less you will be able to do with them. When you choose a lump sum payment for your structured settlement or annuity payment rights, you take your control of purchasing power and your financial well-being.



“I decided to use Liberty Settlement Funding because they were the only company that I spoke to that actually seemed to care about my needs and what I intended to do with the money”

Reasons to sell an annuity or structured settlement

  • To pay for unforeseen medical needs or debt.

  • To make a major purchase like a car or home.

  • To take advantage of lucrative investment opportunities.

  • And perhaps most importantly, for the financial freedom.

How do I sell my annuity or structured settlement?

The first step in selling annuities and structured settlement payment rights is to fill out our online form or call (888) 901-2668... Our knowledgeable and friendly team will immediately provide you with a personalized annuity or structured settlement quote. Together, we can create a plan that fits your goals. The beauty of receiving cash for structured settlement and annuity payments is that you determine how much you need or want to sell. You determine how much cash you need, and our advisors figure out how to get you your money while ensuring you retain enough money to cover your needs and expenses. Once we begin the process of getting you your funds, we will obtain any necessary court and insurance company approval. Most states require a simple court proceeding to get cash for your structured settlement payment rights. Selling annuity payments is even easier. Years of experience have taught us the fastest way to obtain the required approval so you receive your money as quickly as possible. The process to sell structured settlements payment rights and annuity payments is simple:

  • Contact Liberty Settlement Funding by filling out our online form or calling us at (855) 255-2671

  • We will work closely with you to create a customized plan that fits your specific needs

  • We handle all the legalities and set up a court date for the approval you need to sell a structured settlement

  • Once we receive the necessary approval, you receive your money in a lump sum of cash!


Request annuity payment and structured settlement quotes

As one of the top financial settlement companies in the business, we are committed to helping our customers with their monetary needs. We have streamlined the structured settlement transfer process to make it as easy and fast as possible. We feel good knowing that a large percentage of our new customers come from referrals. At Liberty Settlement Funding, we feel very lucky to be able to help people pursue their dreams. Regardless of why you want to sell your structured settlement or annuity payments, we can offer you a financial solution that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms. Call (888) 901-2668 for an annuity or structured settlement quote and let us help you start living life on your terms.

Liberty means Freedom. Liberty means Financial Independence. Demand Liberty.