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Since 2011, Liberty Settlement Funding has helped people from all types of financial backgrounds navigate their structured settlements. Hearing all of those unique goals and dreams inspired us to start this blog, where we cover subjects that can make your life and finances better, but require a lump sum to get started - things like an education, starting a new business, buying property, and more. You'll also find articles on saving money, frugal living, and testimonials from our clients who sold us portions of their structured settlements to meet their financial goals. Check back often for new content, or subscribe to our RSS feed to get our latest articles in your email inbox.

10 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash COVER.png 3

10 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash

In need of some extra cash? We’ve got you covered! Here is our list of 10 easy ways to earn extra cash before the holidays. 1. Wait Tables/Bartend Have free. Read More


Testimonial: Brian H.

Meet Brian H., a widower receiving monthly payments from a structured settlement. In an unfortunate (but not uncommon) turn of events, Brian found himself in an unstable financial situation with. Read More


5 Reasons Why it is Better to Own Rather than Rent

While rental costs continue to skyrocket, mortgage interest rates remain at all-time lows. Renters are facing the big question, “Is it better to continue renting or take the next step. Read More

4 Ways to Save Every Season COVER

4 Ways to Save Every Season

Seasonal Produce: There are those times of year where you can’t help but notice a certain fruit or vegetable on sale or featured in a specialty pie, just about everywhere.. Read More


Testimonial: Meet Mike & Shannon

  We have helped thousands of people achieve their goals and love when they share their stories about how Liberty changed their lives. Receiving positive feedback from our customers is. Read More

Back-to-School COVER

Back-to-School Tax Free Weekend 2015

It’s that time of year again… Back-to-School. Shopping for new clothing or school supplies doesn’t have to be stressful. Across the country, numerous states offer its residents a weekend of. Read More

Summer 2015 Money Saving Tips COVER

Summer Money Saving Tips 2015

Temperatures are rising, the weather is nice and school is out. Here are Liberty’s 5 Summer Money Saving Tips! 1. Entertainment: Get outside! With the weather being warm and pleasant. Read More

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