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Summer Money Saving Tips 2015

Money Saving Tips Blog Cover Image
Temperatures are rising, the weather is nice and school is out. Here are Liberty’s 5 Summer Money Saving Tips!

1. Entertainment:

Get outside! With the weather being warm and pleasant across the country, it is key to take advantage of all the outdoor activities available. Take a day trip to the beach, water park, or local state park. Save on gym membership costs by exercising outdoors too.

2. Vacation:

Go camping. An affordable summer vacation for families and friends. Pack summertime favorite BBQ picks such as hamburgers and hotdogs and end the day with a campfire roasting marshmallows!

3. Food:

Summertime, most of your favorite produce are in season and easily grown from your own backyard. Save a trip to the grocery by hand picking your fresh tomatoes. Don’t have a green thumb? Check out your local farmer’s market for very affordable fresh produce.

4. Electricity:

Open the windows. When temperatures drop in the evening, take advantage of the summer night breeze and open the windows. Turn the air conditioning off and save on your summer electric bill. You can also save energy by hang drying laundry outside. The summer weather is perfect to let your laundry air dry with a fresh summer scent.

5. Bills:

Get a head start on Fall expenses. Summer is the season of great sales. Take advantage of special promotions and discounts on items that are not in season yet. You can also catch up on past due bills by getting a fun summer job at a local concert vendor or life guarding!