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Testimonial by Alvin C

Testimonial: Alvin C.

Testimonial by Alvin C
Meet Alvin, a hard-working young man from New Jersey with plans for a better life.

When Alvin was a child, he was involved in a personal injury lawsuit which was resolved with the issuance of a structured settlement. Today, Alvin is 27 years old and is receiving monthly payments and annual lump sums from his settlement.

Alvin lives a comfortable life. He holds a full time job, and fully supports himself.  His salary is supplemented by the money he receives from his structured settlement payments. But Alvin has bigger plans and goals for his financial security and future. He wants to take advantage of favorable real estate prices and purchase investment properties in his hometown of New Jersey. Alvin is looking to invest his money and create a portfolio of properties that will provide both a steady stream of income and a good return on his initial investment.

Logan, a Senior Account Executive at Liberty Settlement Funding, spoke with Alvin and asked if he could be of service. The two spoke extensively about Alvin’s goals to purchase investment properties. Liberty Settlement Funding has helped many customers achieve similar investment goals.  So when Alvin described his plan to us and spoke so honestly about his goals, we knew we would be able help Alvin make his dream a reality.

By buying only a portion of Alvin’s future payments and leaving a portion of his future structured settlement payment rights intact, Liberty was able to get Alvin the money he needed to purchase the investment properties. In addition to the lump sum we provided Alvin, he will continue receiving future payments from his structured settlement for years to come.  Other companies in our industry sometimes pressure annuitants to sell more payments than needed to accomplish their financial goals.  Here at Liberty, we listen to exactly what annuitants say and make sure our offers are truly in the annuitants’ best interests.

When the transaction was complete, Alvin expressed how happy he was with how everything worked out. He described the process as, “overall a great experience.” “Everything worked out for the best. Everything went smoothly,” he said. Alvin will ultimately be doubling his current income by renting out the properties he’s purchasing.  Liberty Settlement Funding is proud to share Alvin’s success story, and we wish him all the best with his new investments!