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Structured Settlement & Annuity Funding FAQs

FAQs About Structured Settlement Funding

If you’ve received payments from an insurance company for a long time, you may have considered selling your structured settlement or annuity to get money immediately. Selling a structured settlement or annuity can be a quick way to get cash when you need it. Instead of waiting for long-term payments from the insurance company, you can receive a lump sum payment for selling your future payments.

This option can be especially helpful when you need money fast, such as for unexpected medical bills or home repairs. Additionally, selling your structured settlement or annuity can provide financial stability and prevent the build-up of debt. This can provide financial stability and prevent the buildup of further debt, especially in case of unforeseen expenses.

Here are some frequently asked questions about structured settlement funding:


What is a structured settlement?

A structured settlement is an annuity contract the court issues after finalizing a settlement agreement. It provides the recipient with a guaranteed stream of regular payments from an insurance company.

Structured annuities differ from traditional annuities because they have a structured payment schedule that may increase or decrease over time. This is in contrast to traditional annuities, which typically provide a fixed income stream.

Not all settlement agreements result in structured annuities. Sometimes, settlement funds may be paid out as a lump sum instead. However, those who receive a structured settlement can rest assured that they will receive a guaranteed income stream, as determined by the court.

How do structured settlements work?

Structured settlements are designed to provide the recipient with a reliable source of income over an extended period. Usually, payments are received regularly, like every month or every year, and the settlement agreement decides the amount and how often payments are received.

How does selling my structured settlement work?

If you need cash now and don’t want to wait for your future payments, you may be able to sell your structured settlement. This process involves transferring the rights to your future payments to a third party in exchange for a lump sum of cash. The amount you receive will depend on the value of your remaining payments and the sale agreement terms.

Can I sell all or just a portion of my structured settlement payments?

Yes! When faced with unexpected expenses, paying off debt, or investing in a new opportunity, many people sell a portion of their settlement payments to get the cash they need.

The good news is that you’re not restricted to selling all your payments – you can choose to sell just one or several payments instead. This allows you to retain a portion of your settlement while still obtaining the money you need to take care of your financial needs. In addition, this flexibility gives you more control over your financial future and gives you the peace of mind that you’ll still have a reliable stream of income in the future.

What are some reasons why individuals opt for a lump sum payment instead of waiting for their long-term structured settlement payments:

  1. Unexpected expenses: People may need to sell to cover unexpected expenses such as medical bills, home repairs, or a family emergency.
  2. Debt consolidation: Some individuals may use the lump to pay off high-interest debt, such as credit cards or personal loans.
  3. Investment opportunities: many choose to sell so they can invest in real estate, stocks, or other high-return opportunities.
  4. Early retirement: If someone is close to retirement and would like to supplement their income or pay off debt, they may choose to sell a portion of their long-term payments.
  5. Education expenses: Parents may sell a portion of their structured settlement to help pay for their children’s education, such as tuition and other related costs.
  6. Home improvement: Individuals may use the lump sum from selling their structured settlement to make home improvements, such as adding a room, updating appliances, or renovating a bathroom.
  7. Business ventures: Some individuals may choose to sell their structured settlement to fund a new business venture or to expand an existing one. This could include starting a new company, investing in real estate, or purchasing equipment for a small business.

Can I sell life-contingent payments?

Yes, it is possible to sell life-contingent payments, which are payments that are made only if the recipient is alive. Liberty Settlement Funding has a dedicated team that evaluates the sales eligibility of such payments, ensuring that claimants have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Is it common for claimants to sell only part of their structured settlement?

Yes! Selling a portion of your structured settlement instead of the entire settlement is common among claimants. This allows individuals to receive the money they need without sacrificing their income. By selling only a portion of their settlement, claimants can retain some of their future payments while still getting access to the cash they need in the present. In addition, this option provides a flexible solution for individuals who require money for a specific purpose, such as paying off debt, covering unexpected expenses, or investing in new opportunities.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about selling my structured settlement?

If you have questions about selling your structured settlement, you can talk to the team at Liberty Settlement Funding. They can answer any questions about your options and how the sale process works. You can reach us at 855-285-4158 or fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back to you.

Selling a structured settlement or annuity can be a big decision and finding the right company to help you through the process is crucial. That’s why we at Liberty Settlement Funding are here for you! Our team is dedicated to making the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

We’re committed to putting your needs first and finding the best solution for your financial situation. So why wait? Let Liberty Settlement Funding be your guide to a brighter financial future.

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