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Ways to save on your car graphic

Ways to Save on Your Car

Ways to save on your car graphic
Cars can be expensive to obtain and maintain, whether it be at the gas station, the mechanics, or to the insurance company. Here are our top (free) tips to save on your car.


Shop around. Car insurance rates are very competitive and choosing the right plan and company to work with is important. Liberty suggests getting a quote from at least 3 different insurance companies. Compare their policy plans and prices, while also considering their customer reviews and satisfaction ratings, and then choose the right plan for you.


Share a ride to work with a friend or co-worker. Carpooling can reduce the amount of miles driven per week, saving you money at the pump. Not to mention, it is eco-friendly! Also conserve gasoline by driving at a constant and steady speed. Quickly increasing, as well as quickly pressing the breaks burns more gas than a steady speed. Be sure to keep proper tire pressure for even better gas mileage. Proper tire pressure will also extend the tire life, going on to our next point…


Regularly service your car with routine oil changes and tire rotations. These are simple and inexpensive preventative maintenances that can keep your car running well. Neglecting routine maintenance can cost more in the long run.


Wash and wax your car regularly. Keeping the exterior of the car clean and polished will reduce the chance of paint wearing out and fading. The interior is also important to maintain a like-new condition. Basic cosmetic upkeep can contribute to a higher total car value.