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Testimonial by Marlon B image

Testimonial: Marlon B.

Testimonial by Marlon B image
Meet Marlon B., one of our recent success stories.

When Marlon B. was just a child, he was involved in a car accident which resulted in serious injuries. In resolution of the claim for the accident, he received a structured settlement. Marlon now receives monthly payments from the settlement, but found himself in need of a greater amount of money to provide a stable living situation for him and his mother.

One evening, Marlon and his mother were preparing dinner when they received a call from Account Executive Jesse, from Liberty Settlement Funding. It was the call that has changed Marlon’s life.

Marlon had always dreamed of being a homeowner and, in an ideal world, would be able to buy  a condominium in a high rise in his hometown.  Jesse tailored a plan to get Marlon enough money to make this happen.  Jesse was even able to make this happen while leaving a portion of the settlement untouched, allowing for Marlon to get a lump sum now AND keep getting monthly payments in the future.

After the deal was completed, Marlon was able to use the money he received from Liberty to purchase a brand new high rise apartment in a beautiful neighborhood.

Liberty reached out to Marlon after he received his lump sum of money. Here is what Marlon had to say about his experience with Jesse and Liberty Settlement Funding,

“From start to finish, everything went extremely well. Liberty’s expertise and Jesse’s professionalism explaining the entire process to both me and my mother made it so comfortable for us and excited to work with Liberty. I am so grateful for this new life I am living; and thankful that Liberty restructured my settlement allowing me the opportunity to purchase a new apartment. An opportunity I wouldn’t have had from just receiving monthly payments. The best part about the process was that I was able to sell only a portion of my payments to free up a huge lump sum of cash today, and I still receive a $1,000 monthly from my annuity.  So thankful!”

Liberty Settlement Funding is pleased to share our customer success stories with you. If you have a structured settlement or an annuity, and need a lump sum of money today to provide a better life for you and your family, call us today at 1-855-285-4158 to speak to a representative.